Working at Height

Workers at lighthouse

It won’t come as a surprise that working at height for our team is a regular part of their job. It’s therefore essential that we carry out training to make sure the team work safely in line with industry standards.

Earlier this week, Liam and Gus of MRS Training & Rescue, joined NLB Technicians Ross and Allan, Mechanical Engineer Joe and our HS&E Manager Billy at Corran Point Lighthouse in the Highlands to see our activities firsthand.  This was an opportunity for MRS Training & Rescue to review our working practices and the equipment we use on top of the dome and to advise on rescuing a casualty.

Workers at the top of lighthouse

Man on top of lighthouse tower






Corran Point lighthouse was built in 1860 by Thomas and David Stevenson. It was constructed to help vessels navigate the Corran Narrows on Loch Linnhe.  The lighthouse was one of the first in Britain to become automatic in 1898, approximately 10 years before any lighthouses in England. The lighthouse is situated on Loch Linnhe in the south western Highlands of Scotland.

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