New Generation Light for Fair Isle South Lighthouse

Fair Isle South, one of Scotland’s last lighthouses to be automated is to receive a new rotating LED optic, the first of a new generation for NLB.

Graeme Macdonald, Engineer and Project Leader with NLB said:

It’s really exciting to see this new technology. The optic will allow us to comfortably meet the range of 22 nautical miles and retain the sweeping beam at Fair Isle South.

Earlier this month NLB technicians and engineers took part in a training session to learn the installation, operation and maintenance of the optic.  Jesús Carreño of Mediterraneo Señales Maritimas (MSM), the company who manufactured the optic, instructed the NLB team on how to take the optic to pieces and to rebuild it. The team will need to do this to get it safely into its final position in the lightroom at Fair Isle South.

The light has already passed all its tests at GRAD, the General Lighthouse Authorities Research and Development team and will be installed at Fair Isle in the next couple of months. 

Technicians looking at light equipment Technicians looking at light equipment

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