Light the North – Illuminations, Shore and Sea

Artist standing behind lighthouse sculpture

When Aberdeen artist, Fiona Chance, found out her lighthouse for ‘Light the North‘, was to be placed outside the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh, she was absolutely delighted.

Fiona said:

“I was thrilled when I discovered that NLB, as a sponsor  in kind, was sponsoring my lighthouse ‘Illuminations, Shore and Sea’. And there could not have been a more fitting place on the lighthouse trail than the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses!”

The lighthouse is part of the initiative between Clan Cancer Support and Wild in Art. The project aims to raise significant funds for, and awareness of, the vital support provided by Clan to people affected by cancer across the northeast, Moray, Orkney and Shetland.

The design

Fiona’s lighthouse is covered in rich textured colours, reflecting the blue hues of our deep seas and the ochres and rusts of our golden beaches. Like Scotland’s rich rugged coast, her lighthouse is teeming with marine life. Working her way up the sculpture she carefully illustrated images from the bottom of the ocean to her favourite lighthouses standing tall.


lighthouse drawing   

As well as celebrating the life around Scotland’s northern coast, Fiona wanted to acknowledge family links.

“I married into the Chance family, once famous for ‘lighting the world’. It was the Chance Brothers who manufactured the hyper-radial lens for the old Kinnaird Head Lighthouse. Their ingenuity and craftsmanship can be seen throughout the Museum.”

Fiona’s lighthouse has now left the Museum but you still have one last chance to see it and all the other lighthouses at Clan’s Farewell Weekend event. For details go to

Your chance to own a lighthouse sculpture!

On 1 November, all 50 large lighthouse sculptures and 8 small lighthouses will be auctioned to raise money for the charity. The grand auction will take place at Inverurie’s Thainstone Exchange and will be both an in-person and online event. If you’re interested in bidding, you can fill in a registration form  or, for more information, email

Boldly sitting at the top these lighthouses, guardians of the sea, they stretch their majestic light through the salty landscape illuminating secrets below.

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