Statutory Roles and Sanctions

As part of the Government commitment to the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) convention, and as directed by the Merchant Shipping Act 1995, we have responsibility for the superintendance and management of all lighthouses, buoys and beacons within Scottish and Isle of Man waters, whether provided by us or by other parties.

We also inspect all Aids to Navigation within these areas, including Local Lighthouse Authority, Offshore Oil and Aquaculture aids and undertake audits of Local Lighthouse Authority with respect to compliance with the Aids to Navigation requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code.

ATON Reporting Online Portal

Any establishment, alteration or removal of an Aid to Navigation within Scottish or Isle of Man waters requires our prior sanction.  Please let us know about any planned changes. The following document is intended to assist Local Lighthouse Authorities (LLAs) in the provision of suitable Aids to Navigation (AtoN) services:

NLB Guidelines for the Management of LLAs AtoN -2018 Document

Please use the appropriate document for requesting to establish/alter or discontinue an AtoN and email your completed form to:

Statutory Sanction – Application – Discontinue (DOC)

Statutory Sanction – Application – Discontinue (PDF)

Statutory Sanction – Application – Exhibit (DOC)

Statutory Sanction – Application – Exhibit (PDF)