Rubh Reidh

The light was established in 1912 and engineered by David A Stevenson. It is situated on the prominent headland of the Ross-shire coast.


The building of a navigation light on Rubh’Re Point was first proposed by David Stevenson in 1853 but the Board of Trade refused to approve the proposed expenditure of £5,000.

In August 1906, David Alan Stevenson recommended that a navigation light be established on the prominent headland of the Ross-shire coast 17 miles north of the Rona light and 26 miles south of the Stoer Head light. He considered the lighting of this very remote site important, and so suggested a powerful light and a fully manned “Island Station”.

Accordingly, the Commissioners made representation to Trinity House but they refused to accord their statutory approval to the proposed seamark but did, however, suggest a small, inexpensive unmanned light be established in the same position.

The Commissioners considered that the site was too important to leave unattended and felt bound to adhere to their original proposal.

After lengthy correspondence, Trinity House conceded to the Commissioners views, and gave statutory approval to the erection of a manned light. The Board of Trade however, decided to defer commencement of work meantime, as they considered the financial outlay excessive.

Finally, in May 1908, the Board of Trade sanctioned the expenditure of £14,900 on the establishment of a light and fog signal on Rubh’Re point and the light was first exhibited on the night of 15 January 1912. It is situated at the entrance to Loch Ewe near Gairloch.

In 1944, an American Liberty Ship the “William H Welch” missed the entrance to Loch Ewe and went ashore at Black Bay during a severe storm. Two Rubh’Re Lightkeepers were actively involved in the rescue of 15 survivors out of a complement of 74.

The fog signal service was installed in 1912 and withdrawn in September 1980. The foghorn and clockwork mechanism are now in the Gairloch Heritage Museum along with the lens and lighting equipment which was removed in 1985 prior to automation of the Station in 1986.

It should be noted that at some sites the Northern Lighthouse Board have sold some redundant buildings within the lighthouse complex and are not responsible for the maintenance of these building.


Year Established



David A Stevenson


Latitude   57°51.527'N
Longitude 005°48.713'W


Flashing (4) White every 15 seconds


37 metres


18 nautical miles


White tower 25 metres high. There are 87 steps to top of tower

Public Access


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