Chanonry Lighthouse is situated on the Black Isle, south of Rosemarkie, as the Moray Firth narrows between Chanonry Point and Fort George. It was established in 1846 by Alan Stevenson.


The establishment of a light on Chanonry Point was first proposed in 1834 and again in 1837 by the Commissioners’ Engineer, Alan Stevenson. But it wasn’t until 1843 that the motion to erect the lighthouse was approved. In May 1843 the Commissioners made representations to Trinity House who duly approved the proposed seamark in July 1843.

The cost of building the lighthouse and lightkeepers’ dwellings was £3,570. The light was first exhibited on the night of 15 May 1846.

The Lighthouse was a ‘one man station’ and the lightkeeper, in addition to his normal lightkeeping duties, was the “Observer” of Munlochy Shoal, Middle Bank East, Craigmee, Riff Bank East and Navitty Bank Lighted buoys.

The station was automated in 1984 and is remotely monitored from the Northern Lighthouse Board’s offices in Edinburgh.

It should be noted that at some sites the Northern Lighthouse Board has sold buildings within the lighthouse complex and are not responsible for the maintenance of these buildings.


Year Established



Alan Stevenson


Latitude   57°34.441'N
Longitude 004°05.567'W


Occulting White every 6 Seconds


12 metres


15 nautical miles


White tower 13 metres high. There are 48 steps to the top of tower

Public Access


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