Isle of Man


Before 1815 the Isle of Man was in the unfortunate position of being outwith the jurisdiction of both Trinity House and the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses. The Commissioners, however, decided that two lighthouses should be erected thereon, and the necessary power was procured by the Act of that year. It was not until 1854 that the general power of erection of lighthouses, etc, was made applicable to the Isle of Man.

Following a review in 1972 the United Kingdom Merchant Shipping Act of 1896 was amended to include a person nominated by the Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man and appointed by the Secretary of State to serve on the Board.


We are responsible for six lighthouses on the Isle of Man ranging from Point of Ayre in the north to the treacherous Chicken Rock off the Calf of Man in the south. The last to be automated was Langness in 1996. The lights on the Isle of Man are visited every year for storing and maintenance by our ship, NLV PHAROS.